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31 Mar

5 Benefits of Relaxing Your Hair

5 Benefits of Relaxing Your Hair

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Natural curly hair is beautiful, and more and more people are choosing to leave it natural. But curly hair does present its own set of challenges. If you’re ready to make a change, here are 5 benefits of relaxing your hair to consider.

Less Knotting and Tangling

Relaxer removes the kinks and bends from natural hair that are responsible for tangles and knots. Your hair’s new smoother texture means easier combing and less breakage from working out the tangles.

No Need to Stretch

Very curly hair has a tendency to shrink and requires stretching to unkink the curls and give you some length. While there may still be a small amount of shrinkage with relaxed hair it is minimal, and so the need for constant stretching is eliminated.

Less Time Consuming

Without the need to stretch and detangle you will not need to spend so much time on your hair. With those steps eliminated, you can create various hairstyles with ease.

Reduced Frizz

Because relaxer changes the texture of your hair you can also expect less frizz. Your newly smoothed hair follicles will allow you to easily maintain a smooth sleek style without all the fuss.


With your new smooth, straight strands you will be able to create hairstyles that were not possible before. The added length and smoother texture open a whole new world of hairstyle possibilities. And not to worry, if you miss your curls you can always break out the curlers or curling iron and have them back for a while.

If you think relaxing your hair might be the right option for you, our talented stylists will be happy to help you achieve your new sleek style. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you. You can also book appointments online. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.