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15 Jan

5 Tips to Keep Winter From Wrecking Your Style

5 Tips to Keep Winter From Wrecking Your Style

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Winter’s shorter darker days make it easy to fall into a slump. Lack of sunshine and cabin fever give way to simply not caring much about one’s appearance which leads to neglecting hair care. When you do venture out, it’s cold and you’re happy to stuff your strands underneath a warm hat and call it good. These 5 tips will help you pull yourself out of the winter weather blahs and brighten your mood with a great hair day. 

Boost Your Shine With Color Gloss

If you need a winter “pick me up” to keep you from hiding your hair under a hat, one of the best motivators around is a shiny healthy-looking head of hair. The dry harsh winter air tends to leave your tresses faded and dull. A color gloss will brighten your color and boost your shine so that you’ll want to show it off instead of tuck it away.

Set Your Curls Free With a New Haircut

For those with coarse, curly hair humid summer days mean frizz and bad hair days. That all changes in winter. Without the worry of humidity causing your hair to poof, you can try haircuts that you wouldn’t dare in warmer months. Set your curls free and try some fun new bangs, add in some layers, or even go all out with a short cut. The change will do you good and you’ll have time to grow it out before the battle against humidity starts again.

Embrace Hat Styling

End the hat hair fight by letting your hat help style your hair. Starting with damp hair, apply a styling cream and braid or twist hair in sections. Coil the sections up and secure them underneath your hat. When your hair dries remove the hat and take down the braids for soft waves instead of a helmet head.

Treat Your Hair to Salon Repair

If your hair is damaged and brittle you’d probably rather hide it than put it on display. Come into the salon for a trim and repair treatment to help whip your hair back into shape so you can hold your head high again with a gorgeous healthy mane.

Replenish Moisture

Dry indoor heat and cold winds suck the moisture right out of your hair. Swap out all of your anti-humidity summer products for ultra-moisturizing options. The richer moisturizing formulas will nourish and quench parched tresses to keep your strands soft and supple. 

Follow these tips and come see the hair care experts at PR at Partners to pull yourself out of the winter doldrums and get you back to looking your best. Visit our website to book your appointment online, or download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play to schedule appointments easily from your phone.