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15 Feb

Advantages to a Brazilian Blowout for Gorgeous Hair

Advantages to a Brazilian Blowout for Gorgeous Hair

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How would you like to be able to tame the unruly head of hair you've been struggling with for months, or repair damage to your hair caused by harsh chemical treatments, dry winter air, and heated styling tools? Regardless of whether your hair is straight, curly, frizzy, or anything in between, you might want to consider getting a Brazilian blowout.

What is a Brazilian Blowout? 
A Brazilian Blowout is a kind of keratin treatment that bonds your hair in a protective layer to keep it safe from things like humidity while preventing damage. The key difference between a normal keratin treatment and a Brazilian blowout is that it allows your hair to remain natural. With a normal keratin treatment, your hair’s texture would be altered, or at least, it would be if your hair is wavy or curly, because they require straightening the hair. 

Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout
A Brazilian blowout can strengthen and revitalize frizzy hair and give it a smooth, soft shine. The keratin creates a protective layer around the hair- undoing the damage done by heated styling tools and chemical treatments (such as having your hair bleached or dyed). This is, again, without needing to alter the texture of your hair and instead, working alongside it.

Who can get a Brazilian Blowout?
A Brazilian blowout can be beneficial to everyone. It can be customized, so it doesn’t matter how curly or fine your hair is, you simply customize the treatment to suit what your hair needs. It’s especially good for those with damaged hair who just can’t seem to shake the bad hair days.  

After Treatment
The best thing about this treatment is that you don’t need to wait to wash your hair after it’s done. While the treatment can take about an hour and a half (perhaps longer if your hair is past the middle of your back), you can expect it to last for months. You won’t need to come back in every couple of weeks to have it redone. After your appointment, you can expect to continue your day as you wish – there’s no need to reschedule any dates or meetings. You can continue to style your hair as you wish without risk.

Who Can Do it?
You will have the personal touch of professional stylists trained specifically to administer this treatment at PR at Partners salons. Without this specialized training, the treatment can’t be done, so you can expect excellent service. Unfortunately, this means that there are no at-home kits for you to utilize, but that is made up for by the luxury spa experience our salon provides each customer. 

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