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28 Feb

Amazing Hair Colors for Spring 2022

Amazing Hair Colors for Spring 2022

Admin   |   PR Scene

If you’re looking for a trendy new look this coming spring, why not consider a color change? PR at Partners is happy to help you in your search for a gorgeous new color this Spring and help you express yourself in a way that you’ll enjoy to the fullest.

Burgundy is a rich, deep red shade that experts claim is going to be all the rage this coming season. It has lovely dark and earthy tones to remind you of the season yet to come with its fall-like hue. This spring is the spring for those of you who love these dark but bold colors that will certainly make you stand out.

Light Chocolate Brown
Brown hair is a common, natural hair color, yes, but there are so many different shades! The chocolate look is a softer shade, but still perfect for any skin color. It’s one color that can be used in a variety of styles without a second thought - and definitely, one to try out. This is also a wonderful color to go for if your school or office prefers you to have a more natural color, while still being able to keep up with the current trends.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is a shade of strawberry blonde with an emphasis on the strawberry. This particular tone is sure to give your hair a gorgeous peachy pink undertone, and you a fun, youthful appearance that will look absolutely stunning. So if a loud shade of burgundy or a simpler brown color doesn’t speak to you, then rose gold might be the color you’re looking for.

Bright Golden Highlights
Highlights are a trend that almost never dies out. And this spring is no exception - adding some life to your hair by accentuating it with some golden blonde highlights will be just the thing you need to make sure that your look is on-trend. They are a wonderful idea for someone looking for a dramatic change but need to stay professional.

Dark Auburn
Auburn is for sure going to be given a run for its money this year. These rich and warm red shades are going to be something many people want this year, so don’t be left out of the loop! This color is one that will compliment tan skin particularly well. They’ll make each other stand out beautifully.

Our stylists at PR and Partners will be amazingly helpful in helping you find the color you want. If you want to book an appointment with us, we have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. You can visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or even give our mobile app a test run. The app can be found for free on both AppStore and Google Play.