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15 May

Are You Using the Right Conditioner?

Are You Using the Right Conditioner?

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When it comes to hair care, conditioner is one of the most important things to consider. Our hair treatment services can breathe new life into your locks, but if you want to keep them looking great you need to be using the right products between appointments. Using the wrong conditioner for your hair type can leave your hair parched and frizzy or flat, dull, and lifeless. So what conditioner is right for your hair?


Moisturizing conditioners are best for thick, coarse, or curly hair that tends to be a bit dry and frizzy. Adding extra moisture will soften your hair and make it more manageable.


Volumizing conditioners are best for fine, limp, or thin hair. These conditioners are lightweight and won’t weigh hair down, allowing for more volume.


Choose a strengthening conditioner if you have very long or damaged and over-processed hair. These conditioners have nutrients to nourish and strengthen the hair to repair existing damage and prevent breakage and split ends.


Smoothing conditioners are great for straight hair. The extra smoothing agents will give you a sleek straight style by smoothing the hair cuticle to reduce frizz and flyaways.


Conditioners for curly hair are designed to moisturize and provide curl definition. They are lightweight and won’t cause buildup that can stretch and weigh down your curls. 


If you color your hair, look for a color-safe version of your preferred conditioner. Color-treated conditioners are specially formulated to help your color last longer, as well as provide extra nourishing ingredients to guard against damage.


Leave-in conditioners are great for touch-ups between shampoos for hair that is very dry or damaged. They add just enough moisture when it’s needed to relieve dryness and control frizz. You may want to avoid leave-ins with fine, limp hair as they can make your hair look a bit greasy. If you try one on fine hair, do it at a time when you will be able to wash it out if it looks stringy when it dries.

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