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15 Oct

Autumn Vibes: Must-Try Haircuts to Refresh Your Look

Autumn Vibes: Must-Try Haircuts to Refresh Your Look

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The crisp fall air is already here, signaling a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. As the leaves turn vibrant shades, it’s a fantastic moment to consider a new haircut. From runway-inspired styles to easy-care looks, here are the must-try haircuts for autumn that can add a bit of pizzazz to your everyday style.

Edgy Bob with Soft Bangs

Why not mix two trends into one style? The straight-across bob gets a fresh take when you add curtain bangs. The result is a haircut with a touch of boldness from the bob and soft elegance from the bangs.

Runway Waves

Taking inspiration from the fashion world, this haircut evokes the glamour of '90s supermodels but with a modern twist. Picture long, flowing waves that cascade past your shoulders. Keep it shiny and add a center parting for that extra flair. If you loved icons like Claudia Schiffer or Tyra Banks, this style is definitely for you.

Iconic Fringe

This haircut, inspired by fashion legend Jane Birkin, features a fringe that is delicate and airy, bringing an elegant vibe to your face. Suitable for most face shapes, the fringe is definitely the centerpiece that gives your look a graceful finish.

21st-Century Mullet

Forget the outdated mullet from years ago; this revamped version has gentler lines and added texture. With its progressive, out-of-the-box appearance, the modern mullet is perfect for those willing to try something different this fall.


For those who love to go big, this style lets your hair be the showstopper. The key elements are layers upon layers and some curls to add depth. Be prepared to use some quality hair products to keep that volume in check. Perfect for those days when you're feeling adventurous.

Royal Braids

These aren't your average braids; royal braids are thicker and designed to make a statement. They are both stylish and culturally rich, offering numerous options for styling, like elegant updos or simply letting them hang freely. Additionally, they are low-maintenance and can keep looking good for weeks.

Cozy Bob

A mid-length cut that sits just between the chin and the shoulders, the cozy bob is perfect for wavy or curly hair types. It brings a contemporary angle to a tried-and-true haircut. For added style, consider some slight layering to give it that soft, cozy vibe.

Straight-Edge Bob

If you prefer shorter hair, the straight-edge bob ends precisely at your chin and is generally kept straight for a sleek look. It’s a straightforward style but packed with high-fashion vibes.

Highlight Drama

For those who love long hair, consider adding a sense of flair with face-accenting highlights. Long layers can also add dimension, making your hair look both lively and captivating as you go about your autumn days.

Soft-Edge Curtain Bangs

These are curtain bangs but with a twist. The edges are longer at the sides, offering a gentler frame around your face. They offer a calm yet trendy aura that complements most hairstyles.

Messy-Chic Pixie

While the classic pixie is a well-known cut, the messy-chic version gives it an updated, edgy feel. With uneven layers and a textured finish, this haircut is all about the fun and free spirit in you. Plus, it's super easy to manage, so you won't spend much time styling it.

Stealth Layers

If you’re looking for a more subtle change, consider a haircut with hidden layers. These layers offer a secret lift to your hair, making it look naturally voluminous without drawing attention to the cut itself.
Asymmetrical Undercut

Looking for a style that breaks the mold? Check out the asymmetrical undercut. One side stays longer while the other is cut short, making a bold statement. It's perfect for those who love to stand out and want to add a unique twist to their fall look.

So there it is, a line-up of haircuts that are set to make waves this autumn season. No matter your hair’s length, type, or texture, you're sure to find a cut that matches your mood. 

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