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14 Jan

Beautiful Hair for Winter Weddings

Beautiful Hair for Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings tend to be the least popular since people generally prefer spring and summer to tie the knot. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s a day many people choose to say their nuptials. If you’re tying the knot this winter, you’ll want to know what’s hot for hair so you can look your best. 

Hairstyle Trends vary this year but there’s something for everyone so you’re bound to find a style or color that speaks to you. The specialists at PR at Partners have you covered whether you’re looking for a new cut, color, texturizing service or just help with a fancy style. 

If you’re looking for a change of color and want to be on-trend with the styles this winter then consider a vibrant copper or if really bold is your thing, then a light pink or mint green which works great for naturally lighter hair colors. For darker colors, think shades of violet or deep wine color. Need something a little less in your face? Try a warm butter, caramel or mocha highlight which offers great dimension on a more subtle level. Remember, if you are changing the color of your hair for your wedding day, do it well in advance to make sure the color is perfect for that special day!

Maybe you like the color and style of your hair but you want something special for your big day. Whether you have short or long hair, headpieces like decorative headbands, decorative combs and flower crowns are in this season. If you have medium to long hair, beachy style waves, braids, sleek straight hair, and even ponytails are trending too. 

If you have a style in mind, try it on with a test run prior to the big day to make sure you like it.  What looks good on someone online may not look good on you no matter how much you may like it. It’s a good idea to visit a specialist and see what you like ahead of time. It costs a bit more to have it done a couple of times but it’s worth the investment to be 100% happy on your wedding day.

Let one of our specialists help you look your best on your special day. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland and the DC area.  Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free on the AppStore, on Google Play or on Amazon.