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15 Nov

Change Your Hair Texture for a New Look

Change Your Hair Texture for a New Look

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You may already have your holiday outfits and attire picked out, but how about a new updated hairstyle? If you’re ready for something new, perhaps a new texture is what you’re looking for. Whether it’s curls or a relaxer, a new hair texture for the holidays will give your hair a whole new look going into the new year.

Love the modern perm. If you’ve always had straight hair, or even slightly wavy, you may have always avoided curly styles in the past because the work involved either with tedious hair rollers or trying to master the curling rod. Today’s modern perm can give you the perfect loose waves, tight curls, or anything in between!

Perms have come a long way since the days of frizz, big hair, and out of control curls. At PR at Partners, we use advanced, gentle-perming formulas for today’s perms that focus on protecting your hair with deep-conditioning treatments and giving you soft, well-defined curls with safe chemicals that won’t harm your hair.

Our perms can be full or partial, giving you a personalized look for extra volume and curl.

Keep your hair healthy with relaxers. If you want smooth, soft, straight hair, then a relaxer may be the choice for you. Using flat irons on the daily can burn your hair causing damage and frizz – not to mention taking up valuable time each morning with extra styling.

Opting for a relaxer or keratin treatment can be a better way to gently straighten natural curls or waves as a semi-permanent solution. Our hair treatments give you the option of completely straightening your hair or keeping some natural waves or curls while getting rid of the frizz. No matter which you choose, your hair will be manageable, strong, and smooth for a beautiful look.

Now’s the perfect time to try a different texture for the holiday season. Our hairstylists have extensive training both in perms and relaxers to ensure your leave our salon with strong, healthy hair. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free at the AppStore or Google Play.