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13 Apr

Choose the Right Haircut to Flatter Your Features

Choose the Right Haircut to Flatter Your Features

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Choosing the right haircut is not always as easy as it seems. We’ve all chosen wrong at one time or another and ended up with a cut we hated. Your stylist did everything right, but that style that looked so great in the magazine turned out to look terrible on you. So, what went wrong? Chances are you simply chose the wrong style for your face shape. Let’s take a look at how you can confidently choose a style that will look great on you every time.


Styles for a rectangular face should help soften the sharp jawline and forehead. Choose a soft layered cut that will soften the corners while enhancing the cheekbones. Stay away from very long styles that will elongate your face. To avoid a boxy look, opt for softly rounded or curtain bangs rather than squared or blunt cut fringes.


When choosing a style for a square face you want to focus on softening the sharp angles. Long airy layers will add the softness you need. Mid-length side-swept bangs will further soften your feathers by drawing the eye to your cheekbones instead of your strong jawline. If you prefer a shorter length, consider a layered bob. Just be sure to keep the longer side-swept bangs to offset the jaw.


The most flattering cuts for round faces are those that add shape and definition. Avoid single length cuts and bobs which will only emphasize the roundness. If you lean towards shorter styles, a long layered or asymmetrical pixie will work well. For a longer cut choose long staggered layers that start at the jawline. Adding a short side-swept fringe that ends at eye level will help to visually lengthen your face.


The well-balanced features of an oval face go well with nearly any haircut. If you prefer shorter hair a blunt bob with soft subtle layers will make a big impact. For longer styles, opt for minimal layers and style your hair with soft curls or waves. This will avoid dragging down your features and making your face look too long.

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