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29 Jul

Dos and Don'ts for a Great Hair Care Routine

Dos and Don'ts for a Great Hair Care Routine

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The foundation of a gorgeous head of hair is a great hair care routine. You can visit your stylist regularly for trims, buy and use only the best hair care products, and still sabotage your efforts with a single mistake. Check out these dos and don’ts to make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes or forgetting some simple steps to ensure a great hair routine.

DO massage your scalp. A gentle scalp massage will help stimulate healthy hair growth. Make it a habit everytime you shampoo your hair to give your scalp a gentle rub with your fingertips.

DO give your hair a break. Daily shampooing and heat styling can strip your natural oils and dry out your hair. Most people only need to shampoo their hair 2-3 times per week. Opt for a bit of dry shampoo and no heat hairstyles in between to keep your hair fresh and looking great.

DO deep condition regularly. Use a deep conditioning treatment that is formulated for your hair type weekly to keep your strands moisturized, healthy, and strong.

DO protect your hair from UV damage. Apply a UV protectant or wear a wide brimmed hat when out in the sun to protect your hair from the UV rays which can fade your color and promote protein loss that will weaken your hair.

DON’T wash, rinse, and repeat. Unless your hair feels sticky or greasy following that initial shampoo, ignore these instructions on the bottle. Repeat shampoos can be just as drying to your hair as washing daily.

DON’T apply conditioner to your roots if you have an oily scalp or fine limp hair. It will only weigh your roots down and make your hair look greasy much sooner.

DON’T spray perfume on your hair. This is a trick some women use to try to freshen their hair when washing isn’t possible. The alcohol and other chemicals in perfume will dry out your tresses and could alter your color. Stick with a bit of dry shampoo if you need a pick-me-up between washes.

DON’T rub your hair dry. Instead, wrap your hair loosely in a towel for a few minutes and then gently squeeze your strands inside the towel from root to tips to absorb excess water. Rubbing will cause friction that can damage hair and cause tangles making it harder to comb. Cutting down on friction while drying will make your hair feel softer and look smoother.

Need some help perfecting your routine? Our hair care experts are here to help. Come in for a trim and we’ll help you develop a plan to deal with any issues you might have. Visit the PR at Partners website to find a location near you and reserve your appointment. You can also book appointments online. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.