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29 Sep

Enjoy 2019 Fall/Winter Hair Trends

Enjoy 2019 Fall/Winter Hair Trends

Admin   |   PR Scene

That chill in the air is becoming noticeable, the last days of summer warmth are fading, and you may be ready for a change. If you’ve been thinking of trying a new hairstyle, now’s the perfect time with all the trending hair out there to inspire you.

Here are some of the runway trends we are seeing for fall & winter:

The Never-Out-of-Style Bob. As we see styles shortening in length just a bit this fall, there’s a resurgence of the bob. However, you’ll see this season’s bob celebrating your natural texture. Whether you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, this year’s bob allows you to show off your individuality with your own texture ... or have some fun by adding texture to your hair in a single length bob cut.

Curtains Please. Although we saw a lot of curtain bangs last year, dramatic curtain bangs still rule the runway. These bangs frame the face while highlighting your features with a soft and romantic texture.

The Versatile Part. For fall and winter, you can choose your part, middle or side, or switch it up based on your mood. If you’re going for a classy look, a middle part is great. You can dress it up with a smooth, polished center or go for the wild and free look by relaxing your middle part. When you’re feeling prim and proper, or need a mature style for work, go with a side part.

Smooth & Sophisticated Low Ponytail. This title kind of says it all. We are already starting to see these on the hottest runways since these ultra-low, ultra-chic ponytails demand attention. If you really want to have some fun, hair extensions can be used for a dramatic, lush style to bring your pony to the next level.

Large, Voluminous Curls. Enjoy big dramatic curls this fall to celebrate your natural, or not so natural, curly girl style. Fall 2019 curls look natural, a forward-thinking trend to cherish & celebrate the beauty of your natural hair.

Shimmer & Gloss. No matter what style you choose, we’re seeing a lot more polish and shine for healthy looking hair. It’s a healthy hair trend for any length hair, no matter the style.

Accessory Fun. Don’t forget to have some fun with hair accessories this fall and winter. You will see oversized decorative clips, pins, headbands, and even your own hair. Remember to show off your personality when choosing your accessories. When you come into PR at Partners, ask your stylist to give you some pointers on using your own hair as an accessory.

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