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30 Jan

Explore a Cosmetology Career with PR at Partners

Explore a Cosmetology Career with PR at Partners

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If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that life is too short and you need to do what you love. If you love helping people, interacting with others, want to have a flexible schedule, and prefer to show off your talents to the world instead of behind a desk, then a career in cosmetology could be what you’ve been looking for.

What we offer:
PR at Partners programs. We offer the obvious cosmetology classes such as nail care, skincare, haircare, and makeup. However, we also make sure you comprehend aspects of chemistry, physiology, and anatomy. You understand board procedures, rules, and state laws, and are competent in business management, resume writing, and interviewing. Our program is a well-rounded program so that you can easily settle into whatever aspect of the cosmetology industry you decide is best for you. We are a Virginia State accredited apprenticeship program ensuring that you understand the entire industry, setting you up for success.

Practicing your trade. When it’s time to work hands-on, you will start with mannequins and work your way up to actual clients. We want you to gain confidence as you learn your trade before exposing yourself to clients on the floor.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Cosmetology Career:

A variety of career opportunities. When you graduate from PR at Partners with your cosmetology license, you will be given an opportunity to work on our shop floor. However, if this is just a stepping stone for you, you can practice your craft anywhere. You can take your cosmetology training and use it to work not just in a salon setting but also in film, TV, or even fashion shows.

Enjoy a flexible schedule. Cosmetology is a great career choice if you need or want to have a flexible schedule. Granted, this depends on where you are employed or if you decide to open your own salon. Some salons require specific hours or many salons allow you to set your own schedule. You also have the opportunity to travel since many salons are offering their services on location for regular services, bridal services, and other customized services where you go to the client.

Being creative and social. Whether you’re into nails, makeup, or hair, everything takes a certain amount of skill and creativity. Just as your clientele is unique in their own right, your skills and talents take on a life of their own and personalized mark on each client. As you build a clientele, you will develop social relationships with them and become a part of their trusted social network.

If you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist give us a call or visit us online to schedule a campus tour.  Our academy is in Virginia but we also offer a fast track program at multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.