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14 Oct

Frizz Proof Your Hair with a Brazilian Blowout

Frizz Proof Your Hair with a Brazilian Blowout

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If you struggle with frizz you’ve probably tried every styling product available and invested a small fortune in your quest for smooth strands. Frizz is a frustrating beast to try to tame, that is until you discover the Brazilian Blowout. What is a Brazilian Blowout you ask? Let’s talk a little bit about what it is, and what it can do for you.

Frizz happens when the cuticle of your hair is rough or damaged. A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that uses keratin, a natural protein found in your skin and hair, to form a protective layer around your hair shaft. This layer of protein bonds to your hair to fill in gaps to seal your cuticle and give you the smoothest strands of your life for around three to five months.

Brazilian Blowouts are one of the most popular smoothing treatments because they are fast and can be styled right away. Many other smoothing treatments require you to wait several days before getting your hair wet or styling it to allow the treatment to fully set. On average a Brazilian Blowout takes about one to one and half hours to complete and then you can return to business as usual.

Want to ditch the frizz but keep the curls? You can! The treatment will relax your curl, but most of it can be preserved. Just be sure to let your stylist know exactly the amount of curl or wave you want to keep so that they can customize your treatment to get the desired results. 

Brazilian Blowouts also offer help for over-processed, dry, or damaged hair. It replaces lost moisture and keratin lost and damaged by chemicals and environmental factors to give you smooth, shiny hair that is soft and manageable. Your hair will have more body and bounce, fewer tangles, and dry faster than ever before.

Does a Brazilian Blowout sound like just what you’ve been searching for? Schedule your blowout today with one of the expert stylists PR at Partners. You can visit the PR at Partners website to find a location near you and call to reserve your appointment. If you prefer you can also book appointments online. Download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play to manage appointments easily from your phone.