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15 Feb

Healthy Men’s Hair with Regular Conditioning and PR Barbers

Healthy Men’s Hair with Regular Conditioning and PR Barbers

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Men often don’t give their hair the attention and care it needs. At PR Barbers, our barbers are trained in the latest barbering techniques, stay up-to-date on the latest men’s styles, and are experts in the art of straight-edge razor shaves. 

We also want to make sure that when you leave our barbershop, you know how to care for your hair in between appointments. One important step to healthy hair is conditioner. Many men tend to skip the conditioner, but it’s an important step to do for healthy hair.

Mends hair from over-stripping. Daily shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils, stripping moisture from our hair and leaving it open to damage. A professional quality hair conditioner helps to hydrate your hair by adding back in moisture to protect your hair from damage.

Helps to prevent hair loss by nourishing the scalp. The nourishing ingredients in the conditioner target your scalp. Healthy hair growth starts at the follicles and when your scalp is healthy, your hair follicles can stimulate hair growth and prevent your hair from falling out.

Make hair soft and smooth. Dry, frizzy hair never looks good. Conditioner seals the cuticle, the outer layer of each hair strand, leaving it smooth, soft, and manageable.

Works as a detangler. When you smooth out the cuticles, it allows your hair to have fewer tangles so when you comb your hair, less breakage occurs. No matter the length of your hair, conditioner creates a smooth silky texture that your comb can easily glide through.

Although you really only have to shampoo your hair a few days a week, you should always use a conditioner when you shower. Your PR Barbers can recommend the right conditioner for your hair type so that you get the results you need. If you have a beard, use a special conditioner for your beard to keep it soft and healthy as well.

When you come into PR Barbers for a service, you can enjoy a shave with a straight-edge razor, steam towel, a relaxing face massage, and completing your service with a moisturizer chosen for your individual skin type.

We know how important it is for men to get professional barbering services. It’s just as important to know how to properly care for your hair at home.

If you need a haircut, shave, or expert blending or gray coverage service, come into our PR Barbers Reston Town Center Barbershop. Visit our PR at Partners website to view our services, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free at the AppStore or Google Play