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30 Jan

Healthy Winter Skin with Year-Round Hair Removal

Healthy Winter Skin with Year-Round Hair Removal

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Many of us are guilty of letting our hair removal routines slip during the winter. Some of us figure since we’re wearing leggings, tall boots, and sweaters anyway – so why bother? Others tell themselves the myth that it’ll keep them warmer, when in fact, it’s just uncomfortable and unnecessary. At PR at Partners, we’ll make sure you’re ready for these cute spring outfits by making it quick and easy to get your hair removal needs to be addressed while you’re in the salon for other services.

At select locations, we offer both sugaring and waxing options so that you can opt for the hair removal process that is best for you. There are many advantages to each treatment choice, so our waxing experts will be happy to review them with you to determine which is right for your needs.

What is sugaring? Sugaring is using a natural mixture of sugar, lemon, and water to form a paste that is applied to remove hair in the natural direction of the hairs’ growth pattern. It is applied at room temperature and can be gentler to the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.

What is waxing? Waxing uses a warm wax, with added oils and vitamins, to remove the hair in the opposite direction of your hairs’ growth. The wax used is warmer than the sugar paste used in sugaring.

So, while the weather is so cold still, the natural inclination is to snuggle in front of the fire and wear fuzzy pajama bottoms. But there are several benefits to letting PR at Partners keep your hair removal regimen ongoing year-round.

Sync your hair growth cycle. One of the top reasons for choosing waxing or sugaring over shaving at home is to reduce hair growth in the future. With consistent waxing or sugaring, your hair regrowth will slow considerably, or even stop altogether. There are three levels of hair growth – active growing, dormant, and shedding. These stages determine how close the hair follicles are to the surface of the skin. By taking a winter break from hair removal, these stages will be interrupted and you could find your hair growing back thicker and darker.

Decreased hair growth. When you use waxing or sugaring, your hair is removed deep at the root. This hinders future hair growth by hindering the follicles’ ability to successfully grow new shafts of hair. This means that every time you see your PR at Partners hair removal expert, your hair will come back finer and lighter with a regular regimen. When you take a break and give your follicles a chance to recover, you won’t have a decrease in regrowth.

Alleviate dry winter skin. Not only does waxing and sugaring remove hair from the root, but they also work to deeply exfoliate your skin. Deep exfoliation removes a build-up of debris, dirt, and dead skin cells, giving you a fresh layer of skin that is supple and smooth. Once you exfoliate, your newly waxed or sugared skin can effectively absorb vitamins and nutrients found in serums and lotions to stop dry, tight, flaky skin. Salon exfoliation from an expert also boosts circulation for more effective cell growth and collagen production to give your skin a healthier, glowing finish.

Stop itchy skin and ingrown hairs. Our cold winter air and frigid winds can make your skin itchy, scaly, and irritated. As well, excessive dryness can lead to ingrown hairs. By using a regular hair removal routine, your skin will be kept healthier year-round with proper exfoliation for better-hydrated skin.

Be ready all year long. If you’re a regular waxing or sugaring client, you will know just how amazing it feels to have smooth skin no matter the season. Not only will you feel a little hairy and itchy if you stop your routine, but you’ll also feel a little self-conscious if you get a last-minute invite to an event that calls for showing off your skin. With consistent hair removal, you can feel good about yourself both inside and out.

It’s important to maintain a good skincare routine to keep your skin as healthy as can be – that includes waxing or sugaring! At PR at Partners, we have professional estheticians who can help you find the treatments that work best for you and your skin type. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free at AppStore or Google Play.