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14 Dec

Holiday Makeup Trends from PR at Partners

Holiday Makeup Trends from PR at Partners

Admin   |   PR Scene

Many of us have parties and social events this time of year and maybe you want to do something a little special with your makeup rather than wear your day to day look. This year has options for bright, bold colors or soft shimmery looks and something to go with every skin tone. Here are some of the hottest trends this year for the holidays.

Lipstick can make a major impact if you want to go bold. Choose a deep crimson red, warm chestnut or a cocoa color to draw attention and make your lips pop. Bold lips, not your thing? If you prefer a more neutral lip color or a light gloss then consider bringing the pop to your eyes.

Bold eye colors are in this year and so are shimmers. One trend being seen is to go with a bold, shimmery green, purple or even red to line the eyes including underneath the eye. Other eye trends include doing cat-eye, gold-fleck lined eyes, and glitter on the eyelids.

Subtle more your style? If so, try a shimmery eye shadow in a gold, warm copper or soft pink or lavender with a softer sheen for the lips. Shimmer is a great way to give makeup a fun, festive feel without being too dramatic.

One recommendation is to choose one element to go bold with and then do the others subtle. For example, a shimmery gold eye with a warm chestnut lipstick or a shimmery, smokey green eye with a light lipstick or gloss. You don’t want the elements to compete.

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