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31 Dec

Holographic Hair- The Latest Trend in Hair Color

Holographic Hair- The Latest Trend in Hair Color

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Everyone needs a little fun in their lives. Sometimes it’s a fun new outfit. Sometimes it’s a great new eyeshadow or hair color. Fantasy hair colors, iridescent makeup, and mermaid’s nails have been continuously growing in popularity, but the most magical beauty trend by far is holographic hair. If you’re looking for a completely new look for the new year, this vibrant color will totally transform your image.

Holographic Hair? What’s That?

Holographic hair is a hair color that seems to change colors right before your eyes. A simple flick of your head, running your fingers through your hair, or just a gentle breeze will reveal a new color with a 3D effect. The colors are expertly placed throughout your hair to create this mesmerizing effect. 

Creating The Look

While there are many DIY hair color kits available, holographic hair is a freehand painting technique that is nearly impossible to get right on your own. You should definitely leave this one to the experts. Each color must be correctly placed to create the right movement to get the desired effect. Different shades are applied in layers or ribbons so that as one section is brushed aside, the color underneath is momentarily revealed resulting in a flowing flutter of color. Adding a gloss will boost shine giving your new color an even more dramatic effect. 

Can Brunettes Rock Holographic Hair?

For the best result, the process should begin with a platinum blonde base, but brunettes can rock the look too with one added step. If you’re starting with brown hair, it will need to be bleached before the color is applied or your colors won’t show up. If your hair is very dark it might take multiple appointments to get the results you’re going for without damaging your hair. 


Keeping this color looking fabulous requires some upkeep, but the results are worth it. You’ll want to use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner, and consider shampooing less often. Wash and rinse in cool water to minimize fading, and avoid heat styling whenever possible. You’ll need to see your colorist regularly for touch-ups to keep your roots from ruining the effect, and to keep your colors bright. 

Whether you’re considering a bold fantasy color or a soft natural-looking balayage, the professional colorists at PR at Partners are here to help create a unique color that will have you turning heads wherever you go. Visit our website to book your appointment online, or download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play to schedule appointments easily from your phone.