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31 Oct

How to Get the Most From Your Blowout

How to Get the Most From Your Blowout

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You always feel like a million bucks after a fresh salon blowout. A sleek and smooth, perfectly styled do give you a boost of confidence like no other. Of course, you want to hold onto the feeling for as long as possible, but how can you get the most from your blowout? We have some tips to share with you that will allow you to enjoy that fresh from the salon feeling for days longer. 

Don’t Touch

We know it’s tempting to run your fingers through those smooth lovely locks, but you really should keep your hands off. Not only will you deposit dirt from your hands, but the friction will promote static and flyaways as well as cause your hair to frizz.

Avoid Getting Your Hair Wet

Water will reset your hair and ruin your style. Be sure to keep a swim cap and umbrella on hand at all times in case of an impromptu swim or unexpected rain shower, and wear a shower cap in the shower. Keeping the moisture at bay will help preserve your blowout.

Invest In a Good Dry Shampoo

Since shampooing with water will wipe out your blowout, you’ll need a way to keep up with hygiene that doesn’t involve the wet stuff. To keep your hair fresh and grease at bay, invest in a good dry shampoo. Try a tinted version that matches your hair color to avoid the powdered wig look that some products leave you with. 

Ease Up On Brushing

Brushing is good for your hair. It removes tangles and evenly distributes oils to keep your hair naturally moisturized, but brushing too much or too hard damages your strands and causes your style to fall flat. To maintain your volume, brush only when needed, and use a gentle hand.

Wear a Scarf at Night

To keep your hair in place and avoid a bad case of bedhead, tie your hair up at night in a silk scarf. Another option would be a loose bun or ponytail to contain your locks. However you tie it up, keep it loose to avoid kinks and crimping that will mess up your style.

Swap Pillowcases

A popular choice for pillowcases is cotton. It’s a natural fiber that feels soft on the skin, but it’s not the best choice for smooth shiny hair. Cotton’s surface is rough on your hair and can lead to breakage as well as suck moisture from your hair. To protect your hair from damage and preserve its luster, swap out cotton pillowcases for silk or satin.

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