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24 Jun

How To Keep Your Hair Long, Trendy and Healthy With Regular Haircuts

How To Keep Your Hair Long, Trendy and Healthy With Regular Haircuts

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Getting a haircut is an important part of maintaining your hair. Whether it’s just to keep your hair healthy or to keep up with a particular hairstyle, getting it trimmed once every few weeks is essential to keep it strong. 

Why Haircuts are Healthy

Haircuts are an essential part of hair care you simply do not want to skip. They are important for ensuring your hair can grow out as long as you like. When it doesn’t have regular trims you might find that it breaks off more, the ends split, and the tips dry out. When your hair is damaged like this it breaks easily, which hinders its growth, health, and sheen. This is especially true if you tend to dye your hair. Hair dye, when used enough over time, especially if it isn’t done correctly, can cause this type of damage over time. By trimming it often, you slowly get rid of all the old, dead hair as the new, healthy hair grows. 

Trendy Haircuts

If you are going to get your haircut anyway, why not get a trendy new style as well? There are a lot of haircuts you’ll find are popular this season. For example, the bob is especially popular with rising temperatures. Lobs are also quite popular for similar reasons- and they are simply a longer version of a bob. Long layered cuts are also quite popular to keep your long look while giving it some depth. If you want to change your look but not do anything too drastic, you could also consider getting bangs. They’re easy to maintain and look fantastic!

Trimming Hair At Home 

Sometimes you may not be able to find the time to go to the salon, or just simply can not afford to go out. If that is the case, and you are confident in yourself, you can always trim your hair at home. But in doing so, you need to be careful. Just go for a slight trim, no more than an inch- that way if anything gets messed up it can be fixed easily during your next salon visit.  

Step 1: Use sharp scissors made for cutting hair. If your scissors are dull you risk getting an uneven, choppy cut. Using craft scissors or kitchen shears is also far from ideal- because hair shears are made for a precise cut with a sharp edge. 

Step 2: Brush it out. Make sure you have gotten out all the tangles and that all your hair is level. This will ensure no hair is missed in the process. 

Step 3: Section your hair. Sectioning it will make it easier to manage, and therefore, more likely to be an even, decent cut. At this point, you can begin cutting. Start in one section, and only take off a little bit. Once you’re done with one section. You can use it as a guide to making sure the other sections stay even as well.

If you decide to trim your hair while it is wet, remember that wet hair looks a lot longer than dry hair. You want to take off less than you think you should- otherwise, you may end up with hair shorter than you actually want. It is also important to keep in mind that these guidelines can vary depending on your hair type. Someone with curls may need a different method than people without. 

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