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14 Apr

Join the Exciting World of Cosmetology at PR Partners Academy

Join the Exciting World of Cosmetology at PR Partners Academy

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Last year was a challenging one for everyone. With all the closures and restrictions, we saw firsthand just how important the cosmetology field really is. Demand as a cosmetologist is expected to increase, which means now is a great time to train for a career in cosmetology. At PR Partners Academy, we offer many choices to get where you want to be in this exciting field.

What is cosmetology? As a cosmetologist, you are trained to deliver beauty services for both skin and hair, with a special emphasis on hair. At PR Partners Academy, our training includes hair cutting, barbering, hair design, hair coloring, texturing, hair removal, nail care, skincare, and more.

Real-world learning. Part of our academy training is the business tools that are needed in today’s salon industry. Transitioning from school to salon, preparing for licensure, business ethics, money management, client base expansion, building a business, and operations and management are all skills taught at the academy to ensure that you will succeed in the business world.

Where can I work? Since PR Partners Academy is also a working salon, we immerse our students in an upscale salon environment at our salons to be surrounded by people, products, and energy that represents the hairdresser’s lifestyle you’ve chosen for yourself. Once it’s time to move on, you will be qualified as a cosmetologist and hairdresser to work in a variety of settings. From luxury salons & spas, barbershops, resorts, cruise lines, exclusive boutiques, and as a consultant for beauty industry brands are just a handful of possibilities.

What kind of job opportunities are available to me? Once you graduate from our academy and receive your state cosmetology license, you are immediately qualified to work as a hairstylist, hair colorist, barber, hair texturing specialist, and more.

As you grow and gain experience, new opportunities could arise such as fashion industry hair designer, fashion makeup designer, salon & spa owner, cosmetology educator, and more.

What is the training like at our academy?

Phase 1 – Rising Star. During our Rising Star phase, students begin with the fundamentals of hair cutting, color, texture, styling, esthetics, nails, and communication. Besides learning in a classroom environment, there will be live demos by some of the best in the industry where students will then be coached by them as they execute what they’ve learned on mannequin heads.

Phase 2 – Rockstar. During this phase, students will be introduced to the clinic floor, which is a fully-equipped salon environment. Students will experience their first live models and use what they are learning to effectively communicate a successful experience to each guest. Student coaches oversee the involvement and support as needed.

Phase 3 – Superstar. During this final phase, students are on their way to being salon-ready. Practical application speed and accuracy will be mastered through more independent work with live guests. Students will be taught more advanced techniques and will begin preparation for the Virginia state board examination. Resume-building, interview skills, portfolio compilation, and social media presence will also be developed during this phase.

At PR Partners Academy, our goal is to develop students to graduate as highly skilled hairdressers who possess the advanced skills and confidence to transition smoothly into the professional world of cosmetology.

If you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a licensed cosmetologist, give us a call or visit us online to schedule a campus tour. Our academy is in Virginia but we also offer a fast track program at multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.  Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free on AppStore or Google Play.