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14 Dec

Nail Art Trends, Shapes, & Colors For The Snowy Season

Nail Art Trends, Shapes, & Colors For The Snowy Season

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Wintertime is a great time for nail art. Nail care services are a great way to maintain the health of your skin and hands in the cold, and you can expect some thrilling and creative trends to pop up during this time of year. This includes some creative nail art looks, different popular colors, as well as some of the primary nail shapes that will take hold through the remainder of 2022. So if you want to seek out some gorgeous trends to utilize, look no further. We have some of our favorite looks listed below, so you can choose your new look with ease. 

Bright Emerald Green

Green lovers, it is your time to shine with emerald green making its debut this winter. This style was made popular most recently by a celebrity, and just goes beautifully with the look of winter. The contrast of bright green with warm winter fashion and white-dusted snow will be the look of the season for sure. 

Golden Tips

A bit of glitz and glam never hurt anyone, and you can have just that with golden-tipped nails. Treat it like a french tip- just with extra shine. A golden-tipped nail look can show off your more extravagant side, without needing to break the bank.

Glossy Sweet Pink

A soft sweet gloss of pink on the nails is a pretty look, and pink is one shade that has been popular all year long. You can not go wrong with a classic pink manicure, especially when it is accompanied by a clear sheen and freshly groomed hands.

Cartoonish Designs

If you prefer a more lighthearted and colorful expression, then cartoony patterns and shapes might be the thing you’ll enjoy the most. Fun space-themed patterns, alien motifs, and emotive faces will bring some childlike joy to your life easily. If it is fun, and animated, now is the time to go for it.

Robotic Chrome

Chrome is a sleek, shiny, and clean silvery shade that is perfect for embracing brisk climates. It is also on par with grey neutral tones, so you can count on this unique look in any situation! It is an eye-catching style that everyone will want, and goes with everything. 

Solid Maroons and Blues

If you are more geared towards solid colors, maroon red and bright royal blue are starting their boom now. If you want a color that blends in well and adds a warm tone to the stark cold of winter, then go for maroon. If you want something a bit more chilling, but bright and eye-catching, royal blue is the shade for you.

Gingerbread Brown

Deep, rich, sweet shades of brown are nice warm tones to contrast the shocking chill that comes with the changing seasons. This neutral tone will perfectly match your winter fits, and it is expected that gorgeous brown trends like this one will survive the transition from fall. 

Oval and Almond Shapes

If you are interested in the shape of your nails and art and comfort, then it will please you to know of the popularity these two shapes have achieved. Almond shapes are flattering on anyone, and offer a nice twist to your look if you tend to prefer more rounded nails. Oval shapes are great, however, for those who prefer shorter nails. After all, you do not have to grow your nails out for a chic and pretty look. 

Why You Should Utilize Winter Manicures

Manicures in winter can be essential for your comfort and the health of your skin. Your hands and cuticles can really take on damage from frozen air and harsh conditions. Manicures treat this with moisture and cuticle care. Cleaning up the cuticles is part of the job of your manicurist, ensuring that your fingers both look and feel great, and any manicure worth getting is topped off with hydration. Whether this hydration comes in the form of creams and lotions, serums, or even paraffin wax, manicures are reliable to keep your hands free of cracks and uncomfortably dry skin. 

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