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15 Jun

Save Your Hair from a DIY Disaster with Color Correction

Save Your Hair from a DIY Disaster with Color Correction

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While salons were closed and everyone was stuck at home, many people resorted to DIY hair color kits to deal with their grown out roots. Those drug store kits that promise flawless results from the comfort of your own home quite often do not deliver on their promises. If you’ve recently experienced a DIY hair color disaster, hope is not lost. We can save your hair with color correction

What is Color Correction?

Color correction is a process your stylist uses after a hair color accident to return your hair as close to the desired color as possible. This is typically a multi-step process and may require a bit of patience on your part. Your stylist will assess your situation and develop a plan to restore your hair to beauty and health.

Why Can’t I Just Recolor at Home?

When your color doesn’t turn out just right, you may be tempted to just try again. Take our advice, and just step away from the box! If you mix the wrong colors or types of hair dye you could do more harm than good. Not only could you damage your hair, but you could end up with a streaky, blotchy, brassy-orange or green mess. You really need a  professional’s help to fix the color gone wrong.

What Can I Expect?

What the color correction process entails depends on the severity of the issue and whether you need to go lighter or darker. You will begin with a consultation. If you need to go darker, it may be a simple one step process of applying a darker shade overtop the existing color. Again, do not try this at home. If your color turned out much too dark, we will most likely need to begin with a color cleanse to remove as much of the darker color as possible. Then we will be able to proceed with the next steps of lightening your hair. This may need to be spread out over a few appointments to prevent damaging your hair.  We will be able to explain the exact process after your consultation.

Whether you visited an unfamiliar salon because your favorite stylist was booked or your hair color faux pas happened at home, the stylists at PR at Partners are here to help. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you and reserve your appointment today. You can also book appointments online. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.