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31 Mar

Shine with a New Hair Color for Spring

Shine with a New Hair Color for Spring

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Now that the warm weather is making an appearance, it might be time for you to embrace a change. Why not make a statement with new, fresh hair color for the season? We’re seeing some great shades trending as either an all-over color or used as a highlighting shade to brighten and freshen your natural hair color.

Honey blonde. This warm, golden color is perfect for either a spring shade or to use as a highlighting hue to lighten your darker base from the winter. Blending it with your roots and adding in a buttery blonde highlight mixed with a honey blonde can give you a natural-looking blonde hue while adding dimension and brightness to your hair.

Platinum blonde. If you’re ready to really shine this season, this bold color is everywhere on the runways this spring. It’s a great color for blondes to stand out but it does take a bit more care than less vivid hues. Your PR at Partners hair colorist can give you recommendations on care tips and hair products to use that will keep your color looking good.

Luminous ginger. If you’re a natural redhead looking to spice up your natural color, or are just wanting to go red, ginger is a deep, dazzling shade that goes well with any skin tone. If you’re a natural red, you might want to consider ginger as a highlight color to add subtle highlights while adding dimension to your natural hair color.

Caramel-brown. If you’re a natural brunette and looking to add some highlights to brighten your hair and add some shine, adding a caramel highlight is a great option. You can opt for subtle balayage or add chunky highlights to frame your face. It’s also a great hue as an all-over color choice. Want to really bring out the caramel color? Ask your stylist about adding gloss at your appointment!

Inky black. If you love dark hair, the deep, rich black with a barely-there hint of blue is trending this season. The trick to adding a multi-dimensional effect to this dark color is both with layering and by adding a shine gloss to the final results to bring out the sheen in the sunlight.

Fantasy color delight. There is a plentitude of fantasy shades for you to choose from out there, and they all can help bring out your unique personality and add some fun to the season. Pink is huge this season, either as an all-over color or as a color melt. Schedule a consultation with your PR at Partners hairstylist to help you determine which shade is best for you. Lavender, icy blue, silver, sky blue – the possibilities are endless.

If you’re ready to try a new hair color and break free from the monotony of the “same old hair color,” our hair colorists are ready to help you! We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you. You can also book appointments online. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from AppStore or Google Play.