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14 Aug

Smooth Skin With Sugaring Hair Removal

Smooth Skin With Sugaring Hair Removal

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Hair removal can be a touchy subject. There are many ways to remove hair, from shaving which doesn’t last long, to waxing which can be tedious and painful, but is there really any one ideal way to remove unwanted hair? Sugaring hair removal might be as close to ideal as they come!

If you aren’t familiar with sugaring, it involves using an organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic gel-like paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. This natural, safe substance removes the hair from the root without pulling at live skin cells and tends to be gentler than waxing.

Sugaring can be done anywhere from the eyebrows to the bikini area to your legs. At PR at Partners, our esthetician will spread the warm sugar paste onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After letting it harden for a few seconds, it’s then pulled off in the direction of the hair growth. The end result is hairless, smooth skin which lasts from three to five weeks.

When it comes to sugaring vs. waxing, it really comes down to personal preference. However, sugaring has some definite advantages:

  • Sugaring is faster than waxing since the sugar paste can be applied to a large area, removing more hair at once.
  • The sugar compound is water soluble so its residue is easily cleaned from the skin with plain water. Wax is not water soluble, so it needs an oil-based cleanser to get rid of all traces of wax. 
  • Sugar paste is very gentle and can be used on the same area multiple times without fear of irritation. This makes it easy to repeat an area where hair was missed. 
  • Frequent sugaring can cause the hair follicle to become damaged resulting in the hair to stop growing.
  • Sugaring doesn’t hurt! Many people find that it is less painful than waxing.

Aftercare for sugaring is similar to the way you’d treat your skin after waxing. To avoid ingrown hairs, refrain from hot baths and working out so that you don’t build up sweat which can lead to ingrown hairs. Exfoliate a few times a week with a body scrub to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores.

You can find which of our salons offers sugaring hair removal on our website or by calling your local salon. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free at the AppStore, on Google Play, or on Amazon.