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30 Jun

Take the Shag to New Dimensions

Take the Shag to New Dimensions

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One of the hottest hairstyles this summer is the shag cut. It’s all of the best, rolled into one hairstyle – a natural look, a free-spirited 70’s throwback, a casual cool look with some updated twists to give it an updated look. Your stylist as PR at Partners can give you a modern shag that is summer-ready.  

Embrace the layers. The foundation of a good shag is layers, and layers, and more layers. It gives you that natural look like you just rolled out of bed but in a good way. You can go from a short style, to ends that hit the collarbone, or beyond. You can find the perfect length that fits the look you’re wanting. Because of the massive layers, you’ll want to add any color after the cut is done, and keep up on trims regularly to keep your bangs that perfect length and to keep your ends looking healthy.

Style your shag with the right hair products. You’re going to want to use specific hair products depending on the look you want with your shag. Mousse applied to damp hair will create volume and texture among the throngs of layers. You can muss up your hair as much as you want by working the mousse in. For a smooth look, use a serum or oil to give your shag a satin appearance. You can also use a texture cream to play up the texture or to define the layers of your shag. Let your stylist show you some of the great products offered to really make your shag stand out.

Let your shag make a statement. If you really want some fun this summer, mix up your shag cut with different lengths, layers, and add some color. Today’s shag is versatile and can work well with any face shape or style that you’re trying to accomplish. Color can be used as highlights, lowlights, on the ends, or in any combination depending on how adventurous you’re feeling.

If you’re ready for a new hairstyle and are feeling confident enough to try a shag cut, visit one of our many salons. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online, or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free at the AppStore, on Google Play or on Amazon.