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29 Oct

Tame the Frizz

Tame the Frizz

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Those with curly hair can attest to the fact that humidity and moisture are not their friend! Additionally, sometimes your curls just frizz out by the end of the day for no apparent reason. Or maybe you have thick, straight locks that get even bigger under these types of conditions. We all want something to help us, and the stylists at PR at Partners are the experts. We offer several options and can help you choose the right one for your hair and your pocketbook.

Those options include various oil treatments and masks to help invigorate your coarse or damaged tresses. They can bring life to dull hair making it shine while taming the frizz. While you can’t reverse chemical damage, these products work to provide nourishment deep into your hair to make it look its best. None of these options are permanent, of course, and which one is right for you depends on your unique situation. What works for someone with damage from color treatments might not be the best thing for someone who has natural frizzy curls without chemical damage. Let our experts help you decide which is best for you.

The cost of these treatments isn’t bad either. Some hair treatments you get can cost hundreds of dollars, but PR at Partners offers several treatments that are more budget-friendly. Something to keep in mind, the cost can vary based on the lasting effects of the treatment. A treatment that lasts 20 days will differ in price compared to one that lasts for several months. Maybe you just want your hair to look its best for a special event, so a treatment that doesn’t last as long will suit your needs. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to try one of these treatments, visit one of our many salons.  We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland and the DC area.  Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you, book online or give our mobile app a try. Our mobile apps are available for free on the AppStore, on Google Play or on Amazon.