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30 Nov

The Benefits of Winter Waxing and Sugaring You Have To Know For Winter

The Benefits of Winter Waxing and Sugaring You Have To Know For Winter

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When it comes to hair removal services, there can be a bit of scrutiny. After all, hair is natural- there is no real need to remove it. The biggest motivator for it should simply be your desire to. And with winter upon us, these services become a bit less popular. After all, when you’re not wearing shorts and tank tops anymore, there is little need for waxing or sugaring- or so it would seem. In reality, there are plenty of reasons to maintain your normal routine through the season. Especially if you want to start it again when the warmer weather strikes. It is even preferable, in some instances, to continue with your routine regardless of the time of year. Here is why waxing and sugaring through winter can be so important to your health, comfort, and confidence. 

Combatting SAD and Promoting Mental Health

Winter time can be a hard time for many people, especially when the holidays come around. So taking care of yourself should be a high priority. Seasonal Affective Disorder can weigh heavy on the mind, and what better way to maintain your mental health than trips to the spa? Not only can they help you maintain your hygiene and looks, but simple acts of self-care can do wonders for those who suffer from mental health conditions. Hairstyles and nail care can do amazing things by themselves, but top it off with wax or sugar treatments and you will not only gain more confidence, but you will be free of any discomfort hair may bring.

You Exfoliate Your Skin

Waxing and sugaring both are great way to kill two birds with one stone. You get to remove hair, as well as exfoliate the skin. You can keep up a healthy, rejuvenated glow all throughout the season when you utilize waxing services year-round. Sugar naturally exfoliates, and waxing removes the dead skin cells that gather on the surface of the skin. Prepare to be able to enjoy smooth, silky skin, and the radiance that comes along with it.

Maintain Soft Thin Hair

When you stop waxing for months, you lose progress with reducing hair growth. Through each wax, you are causing damage to the hair follicles that reduce hair growth, and density. It becomes finer and easier to manage. However, when you stop waxing, especially for months on end, you give these hair follicles time to heal. When they heal, the hair comes back just as it was before you started waxing- and you don’t want that. Especially when the summer months roll around and you begin waxing again. This is going to be harder on your wallet and less beneficial to you in the long run. 

Maintaining Physical Comfort

When it comes to hair removal, the experience can differ from person to person, both in terms of the client and the esthetician. When you wax consistently, you build up a tolerance for the discomfort you may experience at first. With sugaring, the experience is more tolerable, but someone more sensitive may still benefit from consistent exposure. If you want to utilize hair removal services throughout warmer weather, it is recommended to continue throughout even the cold weather for this reason alone. 

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

When you stop waxing, you are bound to pick up a razor at some point. Whether you are going on vacation or invited to a lively holiday party, it is more likely than not. Unfortunately, this means that you will be more prone to ingrown hairs. This is something you do not encounter as much with our hair removal services. By removing the hair directly from the root, the risk of ingrown hairs is dramatically reduced, therefore promoting your comfort during these events. 

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