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15 Aug

The Best Tips For Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Frizz Free

The Best Tips For Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Frizz Free

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Taking care of your hair is important, whether you just want it to look nice and healthy or you are looking to promote growth. It is hard to make it grow or keep up good appearances when your hair is harshly frizzy, and unhealthy. There are a lot of simple things you can do to promote hair health from getting a new haircut to simply eating right- and that is what we want to talk about today. 

Cutting Your Hair

We mentioned before that cutting your hair can have a great effect on your hair’s health, but why exactly is that? Well, when your hair is damaged, there are ways to make it healthier. You can get it to smooth back down with moisturizers, keratin treatments, and products designed to repair the damage. But the bare-bones truth about it all is that the only way to truly get rid of damaged hair is to cut it off. While the damage look is greatly reduced with these treatments and it feels a lot better, these are used primarily to preserve the length of the hair. It does not, however, completely repair the hair. The best thing to do for hair that has already been damaged is to cut off the damage.


This is something to keep in mind, though its level of importance can vary depending on your hair type. Curly-haired girls will find this to be especially important in preventing dry, straw-like hair. In looking for a good, moisturizing product, you want to look over the ingredients in the product. For example, when you go to find a good shampoo, make sure to avoid sulfates. This is a foaming agent in shampoos and soaps that create a good lather, but it can cause dehydration to your scalp and hair, meaning that not only do you risk harming your hair, but you could also start having dandruff. Propanol and isopropyl alcohol, as well as other short-chain alcohols, are also ingredients that are in products- even products like conditioner meant to moisturize your hair- that you should try to avoid. There are alcohols that are okay, but these specific ones can create dry hair and scalp as well. And dehydration is your hair’s worst enemy. 

Use Silk and Satin

Perhaps it is a bit of a luxury to have scrunchies and pillowcases made of silk and satin, but it is a good investment if you are concerned for the health of your hair. Cotton is absorbent, and absolutely soaks up the natural oils your hair needs while you sleep. On top of that, it is also a textured fabric that encourages tangling. This is especially so if you are known for tossing and turning. On top of this, cotton or elastic scrunchies and hair ties can be rough on hair in a similar way, where satin and silk are smooth and slick. This can prevent tearing and damage that might happen when removing your scrunchie if it was made of cotton.

Install a Water Filter in Your Shower 

This particular tip might seem strange at first but think about it. There are a lot of places where the water is chock full of minerals like magnesium, turning the water hard and making it difficult for your shampoos and conditioners to work as they should. Hard water is hard on the hair. While using it to wash your hair on occasion if it is all you have available to you is fine, if you use it exclusively then over time you will start to notice your hair struggling to thrive. A filter will take these hard minerals out of the water you use on your hair and offer you an opportunity to care for your hair like it should be, and you will feel all the better for it. 

Healthy Eating 

A healthy diet is a means for strong, healthy hair. And what a healthy diet looks like can differ from person to person. To look at it in a generalized scope, following the food pyramid guide we all know so well is a good place to start. You can also look at foods that are said to promote healthy hair specifically. Fatty fish like tuna and salmon can be quite good for your hair, alongside nuts like walnuts and vegetables like broccoli. Foods rich in B vitamins, alongside a healthy amount of protein and minerals, will also help boost your hair health. Of course, medical conditions like autoimmune disorders and anemia can affect your hair pretty heavily as well. Eating in accordance with your medical needs can of course help make your hair healthier as well, so accommodate your diet as needed. 

Gentle Brushing

A mistake a lot of people make when they try to care for their hair is aggressive, harmful brushing. You want to detangle your hair with ease and patience. To be too harsh promotes damage, and frizz, and is not good for keeping your hair healthy. Work from the bottom to the top, take your time on matted areas, and use a detangler. These simple steps can help with your long-term hair health. 

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