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15 Jan

The Best Tricks To Choose A New Stylist This Year

The Best Tricks To Choose A New Stylist This Year

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When you are looking for a new stylist there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Getting your hair cut, colored and styled is not a task to leave in inexperienced hands. You want to make sure that whoever you are trusting with your hair knows what they are doing, and will deliver the style you want. So, we have come up with some tips you can keep in mind the next time you have to make this important decision. 

What Hair Type Do They Work With? 

If you can find out what kind of hair types they are able to work with, this will give you an idea of how experienced they are and their skill level. This is especially important if you have curls. Working with curls is different than working with straight hair, and straight hair is easier to work with than curls. So if you have natural curls, you want to be sure that the stylist you’re going to can give you a great cut. You can get a good idea of this by looking at the stylist's own hair! If the stylist has curls, the likelihood is that they understand how to work with them. 

Use The “Blow Dry” Test To Get A Feel For Your Stylist

The blow-dry test is simple. Before you commit to a cut or color, have the stylist simply style your hair with a blow dry. This way, if anything goes wrong, you won’t have any loss. The worst that can happen with a bad blow dry, can be undone with a shower and a hairbrush. After this, you can choose to either continue seeing the stylist or move on. The point of this is to build trust between you and your stylist. If all goes well, you can move on to more ambitious looks. 

Test Strips Are A Must!

If you are looking to get your hair colored, testing your hair is an absolute must for salons. This is especially true if you are new. The point in this is making sure your hair is capable of withstanding the treatments that come with coloring your hair so that if something goes wrong, it can still be saved. Many people who get their hair colored, do so frequently, which over time will wear the hair down if not looked after properly. If the stylist wants to put color on your hair without first testing a strip of it, play it safe, and find someone else. 

Check Their Website

There are a lot of benefits to checking a salon’s website. Websites often offer photos of the stylist’s work, as well as offer ratings, show pricing estimates, staff pages, and even give you opportunities to look at their social media. All of these aspects of online research for a salon and individual stylists an essential first steps in choosing a new place to get your hair done. You can see how impressive their stylist's talents can be, see how personable they are on social media, find what services are most affordable to you, and get to know the stylists. With reviews, you can even get a good idea of what individual customers would recommend from the business, so it is an effective way to get a lot of good information. 

Look At The Stylist’s Hair

This applies to more than just deciding if the stylist can handle curls. Does their hair look healthy? Is it styled nicely or colored? The hair of a stylist can act as an advertisement for their skill when they are in the salon. A hairstylist with well-groomed hair is likely one you can trust to know what they are doing. You can even get a sense of how up-to-date on current trends they may be if you notice them sporting popular looks of the season.

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