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31 Aug

The Gentleman's Manicure- Help for Hardworking Hands

The Gentleman's Manicure- Help for Hardworking Hands

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Think manicures are only for ladies? Think again! Manicures are so much more than artificial nails, fancy designs, and brightly colored polish. Manicures are really about healthy hands and nails. Your hands work hard for you and are constantly exposed to the elements, but many men don’t give the condition of their hands much thought. Aside from washing their hands and trimming their nails those hard-working hands rarely see any special care. It’s time to change all of that with a Gentleman’s Manicure

Designed for the discerning gentlemen, a gentleman's manicure not only improves the look of your hands and nails for a well-groomed appearance but also helps keep your hands healthy. Neglected hands can develop calluses and dry cracked skin as well as painful hangnails that are at risk for infection. Regular manicures can help reverse the damage already done as well as prevent these problems before they start. 

The technician will trim and reshape your nails to remove any ragged edges and then buff them to a smooth finish. If needed your cuticles will be trimmed and conditioned. This will prevent those nasty hangnails. They will then address any calluses as needed and apply products to condition and protect the skin to heal or prevent any cracking or rough patches. An optional matte clear coat will offer added strength and protection for your nails. 

The nail technicians at PR at Partners would love to help restore your hands and nails to add those important finishing touches to your well-groomed image. Visit the PR at Partners website to find a location near you and reserve your appointment. You can also book appointments online. Download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play to manage appointments from your mobile device.