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25 Jul

The Most Beautiful Trends For Girls With Perms For 2022

The Most Beautiful Trends For Girls With Perms For 2022

Admin   |   PR Scene

Have you been considering getting a perm this season? This is your sign. If you were worrying about the different styles and care for perms, you need not look any further than here. At PR at Partners, we want to make sure you are well equipped for caring for your hair as best as possible no matter the style or treatment you may get for it. So here we will give you the most beautiful, popular trends for perms and curly hair this year- as well as helpful care tips for those of you, brand new to the curly hair lifestyle. 

Sunset Curls

Coloring your curls can be an absolutely beautiful decision, especially when you choose a bright, deep, vivid color like a sunset orange. This is a great color to bring attention to your perm and define them in a way unlike before. 

Wavy Perm

Full-on tight curls not really your style? Not to worry- you can get a perm that gives you a look more akin to beach waves than defined, kinky curls. This is also a good way to test the waters if you were considering getting a tighter perm but are unsure of how much you want. It is a good experimental stage, and you could very well end up loving the waves themselves without the need for anything more. 

Texturized Curls

A little frizzy look never hurt anyone! And a little is even trendy for those with curls. A slightly teased look to add a little definition and extra flair to your hairstyle that will look just stunning. 

Cute N Short Perm

A short hairstyle combined with a perm is a cute, stylish look to go for lower maintenance hair while you get used to your new curly look. This also means that if you have short hair you do not need to worry about growing it out for a lovely, defined perm. 

Curled Bob

You can still have specific cuts even with a perm- and that includes the classic bob. You can style this bob by adding extra volume by combing your curls out. It will add some cute poof to your hairstyle you couldn’t get without a perm. 

Curl Care

An essential step to having new curls is ensuring proper hair care afterward. You will want to follow your stylist’s instructions on caring for your fresh perm closely in order to make sure that they stay strong, healthy curls without falling out. Some examples of things you will want to make sure to do are refrain from touching, washing, or styling your hair for a couple of days after your perm, and don’t try to have any immediate treatments after your perm - your hair needs to relax and settle into its new shape. 

If your stylist does not give you post-care tips, make sure to ask. But to care for your curls in general you will want to make sure to get proper products. For example, you can get mouse and curl gel to help with styling, and instead of a typical hairbrush, you can switch to a brush made for curls or a wide tooth comb to detangle to avoid damage during detangling. Brushing your hair out while curly with a normal brush can cause breakage if you are not careful. Avoiding products with parabens, sulfates, and alcohol can also help keep your curls from getting dry and brittle- you want products that will hydrate your hair well. 

Make sure to come to check out your local PR at Partners to get a new perm or even just to get your perm styled and colored. We are well versed in expert service so you can get the style you deserve. You can find us at one of our various locations found in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Make sure to go visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you & book online. You could also give our mobile app a try, available for free at AppStore or Google Play.