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15 May

The Top 5 Most Popular Ombre Looks of 2022

The Top 5 Most Popular Ombre Looks of 2022

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If you’re interested in getting your hair colored, you might start considering dying your hair with a lovely ombre look. Ombre looks are a classic and lovely style among those who dye their hair regularly, as it gives you a unique opportunity to try out different colors and shades. If you’re looking to keep up with ombre trends, make sure you read this through to the end.

Springtime Pastels

Pastels are perfect for warm, spring weather and a wonderful pop of color to add to your normal outfits and routine. Whether you want a bright yellow ombre, multicolored, or for a normal color to fade into a pastel (or perhaps a pastel color to fade into a darker one), pastel shades are a wonderful way to give yourself a pop of color and show your excitement for Spring and Summer. 

Deep Chocolate Auburn 

If you like dark tones and cold-weather looks, a dark brown-to-auburn red ombre might be just the thing you’re looking for. This look should give you a soft, warm look on top that goes into a lighter, but still dark, shade of caramel, or maroon. This look is stunning and refreshing for those longing for cold weather.

Shiny & Cool Highlights

Ombre looks shouldn’t be reserved for just dying your hair. You can also use them as highlights, giving your hair that ombre look you crave while also emphasizing your natural color and giving it a beautiful sense of depth. If you love highlights and ombre, you should seriously consider getting this cool style. 

A Wondrous Blue Hue

If you want a loud, boisterous statement look that declares your love for blue, these beautiful navies to sky blue colors will be absolutely perfect for your style. Especially if you love all-over hair color. 

Lavender & Lilac

Purple ombre ends are always going to be a huge hit. Whether you choose a darker shade like lavender or a lighter shade like lilac, you’ll find yourself adorning your fun new look. You can keep your natural hair on top as well, or dye your whole head a beautiful shade of purple. 

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