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31 May

Try Life As a Curly Girl with a Soft Modern Perm

Try Life As a Curly Girl with a Soft Modern Perm

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Many people shy away from perms because of bad experiences or horror stories of fried frizzy hair from years past. Yesterday’s perms were harsh and very damaging to hair, resulting in a dry, frizzy mess. Haircare has come a long way in recent years. Modern perms are gentle and give you soft natural looking curls so that you can try life as a curly girl no matter how straight your hair naturally is.


Customize Your Curl

There was a time when every perm looked the same. You had two options, kinky curly and super kinky curly. Now, you can customize your curls to be as tight or as loose as you want. You can choose anything from super tight ringlets to loose flowing waves.


Frizz-free Volume

If your hair is stick straight and limp, you can now get the volume you crave without all the frizz. Of course if your hair is naturally prone to frizz, a perm won’t fix that, but it won’t make it worse either. It will, however, give you loads of volume without a ton of products and hours each week in front of the mirror trying to fluff it up with a blow dryer. It will save you valuable time on your hairstyling routine.


Instant Wash and Go Hairstyle

For best results curly hair should be allowed to air dry naturally, so a perm will give you an instant wash and go hairstyle. No more blow dryers or curling irons. Just wash, blow-dry, apply products for curl definition if desired, and go about your day looking fabulous. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


What if My Hair is Color-Treated?

Years ago, perming coloring-treated hair was not recommended. Many people still believe this to be true, but it’s not. There are now perms specially formulated to be gentle enough for color-treated hair. For best results and the most vibrant color, perm before you color.


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