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28 Feb

Try One Of These Hot 2023 Color Trends To Jumpstart Springtime

Try One Of These Hot 2023 Color Trends To Jumpstart Springtime

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With Spring on its way, it is only natural to want a new bright hair color! And at PR at Partners, we are more than happy to provide that for you. Now you may already know what you want to get- and that is great! But for those who like to peruse their options, or even if you want to see if the color you’ve chosen is a current trend- we have selected a few to tell you about. Of course, there are plenty more options drifting around that are popular this year, but these are the ones that we think are the best. 

Blended Bronde

Lighten up your cool-toned brunette locks with a dash of bright color by opting for a blended bronde hair color. This look allows you to get a natural, highlighted hairstyle that makes your natural color pop with a dose of blonde, blended beautifully into your natural color for a show-stopping hue. 

Strawberry Brown Highlights

This is a quirkier way to introduce strawberry shades to your hair that complements your brunette hair color more than lighter blonde colors. Now strawberry blonde is a popular look this year, but adding soft red hues to add contrast to brunette colors is a great way to get gorgeous hair for Spring. 

Stark Icy White

A snowy white hairdo could be just the thing you need for the spring months! This pure white hair color will create an amazing and unique look for you to sport in the coming months. Does it add energy and life to hair - and the best part about it? You are able to easily add extra color to white. Going for soft pastels in an ombre could personalize your new look in a fantastic way. 

Soft Black

Soft black hair is a great way to take the sharpness in pitch-black colors. Soft black can be just as shiny and beautiful as harsher black tones, just with a gentle touch. If you are a purple lover, this color goes great with shades like lilac- which you can apply to your hair accessories!

Gorgeous Money Piece

For a style that will really accentuate your face, you can opt for a money piece. These gorgeous highlights can be a game changer for your hair, giving you dimension and emphasis in all the right places. Streak the rest of your hair lightly with babylights to make this look appear more blended and natural. 

Bright Garnet

Natural, deep red tones are just the thing you need to add extra spice to your spring season. Going for a gorgeous and bold color like this can really show off your fiery personality in a great new way.  

Honey Blonde Highlights

If you want natural colors and a new highlight to emphasize your natural color then honey-blonde highlights are just the thing that you need. The honey blonde will help give your hair a soft, warm look to match the soft, vibrant spring aesthetics. When the bees begin to buzz once more, you can count on honey blonde to be in season!

Warm Ginger Spice

Embrace your curl today when you go for ginger spice curls! Red curls are becoming all the rage and we are here for it. Let your locks flow free with volume with a warm shade of ginger combined with your gorgeous natural curls. You could even try out your first perm if you don’t have curls naturally but love the look. If that sounds like you, then consider this your sign to go for it! Once you get curls, you will never want to go back. 

Pearly Blonde

Add some iridescent shine to your hair when you get pearly blonde hair. If you love silvery blonde looks then this is a great way to change up the look a little while still embracing the look you love. This gives you a great sheen and color that you can experiment with and keeps you in the cool-toned blonde shades you love. 

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