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15 Nov

Try Out One Of These Iconic Cuts and Colors For Ladies This Season

Try Out One Of These Iconic Cuts and Colors For Ladies This Season

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If you are looking for a style that can work well for fall and winter alike, look no further. There are plenty of styles and colors that work well for winter, that you can get and still be in style for the remainder of fall. These are just a few of the best options for you this season, so make sure to get your hair styled and colored as soon as you decide what option is best for you. 

Get A Vintage Bob Style

This lovely short style is a great way to have a low-maintenance, flowy, feminine style. This clean, classy cut gives you the opportunity to have simple elegant updos, or you can simply leave it down. You can even try out a curly perm alongside your bob to add some volume and life to your hair. 

Wild Curly Maroon

If you are one for wild ginger curls then go all out this season with a new perm and color. Deep shades of red are in, and pairing them with luxurious, voluminous, bouncy curls is a great way to really show off that gorgeous color. If you are new to curls, make sure you know how to care for them well! Conditioner and wide tooth combs will become your new best friends on your curly journey. 

A Stylish New Pixie Cut

A winter pixie can be a great way to start the holiday season. A new cut to love, a new you to be thankful for. This simple and chic look is not only stylish, but it allows you to focus attention on your fabulous winter outfits while still having a lovely hairstyle. A pixie cut is a beautiful hairstyle to make your seasonal scarves stand out, and make wearing your fashionable beanies that much easier. Not to mention, it's low maintenance which is ideal for anyone who struggles with the end-of-year weather. 

Highlighted Honey Brunette

Having a soft honeyed highlight in a muted lovely shade of brunette creates a natural, lovely look that comes out well with gentle waves. This is a style that looks particularly stunning when hit by rays of natural sunlight, giving you a perfect look for a sunrise selfie.

Striking Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is an almost-grey hair color that lightens your look and offers a new spin on the color blonde. This pale color often has slight blonde undertones that will provide a wonderful style for your holiday photos. 

Deep Espresso Brunette

If you want to go with coffee tones then this is the color to go for in the winter season. This deep, rich color is so brown, it is almost black. It is a great natural color for someone looking for a change, but not a wild vibrant shade like red or pink. Plus, you can pair it with anything! So it is the ideal hair color. 

Vixen Grey

Whether you go for a shiny shimmery silver or muted grey tone, this color is perfect for winter weather. You can match the season with this lovely color, and it is a great opportunity to embrace the beautiful shade of silver if you have a natural salt-and-pepper look. 

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