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30 Dec

Try Winter Facials For Healthy Skin This Year

Try Winter Facials For Healthy Skin This Year

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We all know exactly how relaxing and refreshing a glamorous facial can be. So many people end up stressed and overworked and rely on spas for a day of relaxation in between their heavy work schedules. When you come up PR at Partners we are here to help melt that stress away, give you a fantastic, glowing look and keep you feeling amazing so you can do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Treat yourself right by coming to our salon, and getting all these wonderful benefits for winter facials. 

Combats Stress

Now we know that facials are good for fighting stress- but how exactly does this relate to the skin? Your body responds to the emotions you feel, and stress releases the hormone cortisol, which can actually activate more oil production in the skin and be the cause of an acne outbreak. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with acne- but the discomfort it causes is worth taking preventative measures. So getting a relaxing, stress-relieving facial, can help prevent a breakout in more than one way. 

Prevents Dehydrated Skin

Winter time comes with a harsher, colder climate- which can affect the skin all too easily. You can find yourself combating uncomfortable, itchy, flakey skin all winter long if you don’t know how to keep your skin hydrated. There are many facials designed specifically to hydrate the skin, and most good facials will include moisturizers and moisturizing products you can count on to keep your skin smooth and soft. You can further combat this particular annoyance with water consumption, using chapstick to prevent cracked lips, unscented facial moisturizers, and moisturizing your skin frequently. 

They Exfoliate Your Skin

Let us assume for a moment that you are dealing with a multitude of sebaceous filaments, have dry skin, or are seeking a radiant, fresh glow. This is what exfoliation is for! Too much exfoliation can sometimes lead to red or irritated skin, so it should only be done every so often- but professional salon quality facials can provide in-depth exfoliation to really combat all those tough areas of skin care. Getting these salon-quality deep exfoliating treatments might be the very key to keeping up with your skin. Your skin will have a gorgeous healthy glow, and you will feel that much better for it. 

Facial Massaging Increases Blood Flow

Something to keep in mind is how this can affect your overall health too. Yes, the skin is something important to maintain, and the emotional benefits will also help both your mental and physical well-being, but the facial massaging that comes with regular facials promotes blood flow to the area. This encourages the spread of oxygen through your body, and the delivery of nutrients to your hard-working cells, and thus can promote a rosy, warm, friendly complexion and healthy skin all around. Who can say no to helping their body’s cells work better?

It Is Self Care

Stress isn't the only thing that plagues people. In the winter months keeping up with your mental health as a whole is incredibly important- especially if you are someone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. We know this can be tough, and those who suffer can very often struggle to get outside at all but we promise, if you manage to come through our doors we will greet you with a smile. The socialization and human connection that comes with a trip to the spa can help you feel that much better, and we care about our clients. Facials, and many other things in relation to a salon and spa, can be very beneficial in maintaining your mental health. 

Getting Rid Of Dark Circle

With the circulation that is stimulated during a facial, it can also help to combat the look of dark circles. If you are someone who wants to reduce the look of those dark under eyes, whether it’s from lack of sleep, or anything else- facials could be the answer you seek. This is without mentioning that some facials can help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. 

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