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15 Sep

Update Your Style with Gorgeous Fall Color

Update Your Style with Gorgeous Fall Color

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Autumn is here and it’s time to refresh your color for the season. Fall hair colors pull from the gorgeous shade found in nature during the season. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular hair colors for fall.

Rich Reds

Fall Tortoiseshell- This blend of fall colors is so lovely and creates a ton of dimension for brunettes or darker redheads. A chocolate brown base is accented with fiery copper highlights and subtle burgundy lowlights throughout mimicking the palette of autumn leaves.

Soft Ginger- This is a great choice for those with lighter hair that want to refresh their color without a drastic change. Darker shadow roots with golden ginger highlights give the feeling of the warm autumn sun glinting through golden leaves.

Bright Blondes

Buttercream Blonde- Blondes traditionally go darker in the fall, but if you want to avoid going too dark a dark buttercream blonde may be the shade for you to try. It’s the perfect shade to take you from summer into fall. A deep honey base with a balayage of butter and cream highlights blend for the perfect fall blonde.

Warm Strawberry Blonde - A brownish strawberry blonde with champagne highlights is a wonderful color to bring warmth to your complexion as the weather cools. Add a color gloss for even more dimension and unmatched shine.

Beautiful Brunettes

Rich Espresso- Rich coffee shades are on the menu for brunettes this season. An almost black espresso with reddish undertones adds depth and brings warmth to dark hair. Want to lighten and warm it up even more. Add some mocha highlights.

Molten Caramel - This color gets its inspiration from the sticky sweet, glossy caramel apples of autumn. Lightening a medium to dark brown hair with a golden caramel balayage adds warmth while a color gloss keeps the color from falling flat. 

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