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15 Jun

Wear Open Toes With Confidence With Pretty Summer Pedicures

Wear Open Toes With Confidence With Pretty Summer Pedicures

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Our feet are arguably our hardest working body parts. They take us where we need to go, get crammed into cramped and uncomfortable shoes in the name of beauty, and suffer all other manners of abuse. So why do we so often neglect our hard-working feet? Months of being trapped inside heavy socks and boots due to cold weather can leave your feet less than attractive when sandal season arrives. But you can wear those open toes with confidence after a professional salon pedicure.

So Much More Than Polish
The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear the word pedicure is pretty polished toes, and while this is one part of it, it’s not the whole picture. In addition to beautiful nails, salon pedicures also help to keep your feet healthy. As a bonus, pedicures also come with some mental health benefits.

Keeping Feet Healthy
While gorgeous custom nail art is fun, the real benefit of professional pedicures are healthier feet and nails. A specially trained nail technician will trim your nails properly to keep problems like ingrown toenails at bay. They’ll also be able to spot any potential issues like fungal infections early so you can seek any necessary medical treatment. A pedicure will also help soften and remove dead skin buildup that can lead to problems like cracked heals, blisters, corns, and calluses. Keeping your skin soft and exfoliated and nails properly trimmed will help keep your feet happy and healthy, not to mention more beautiful in those cute sandals.

Mental Health Benefits
Setting aside time for self-care has some pretty amazing effects on mental health. It can give your mood a boost as well as help you relax and release stress. And when you consider that part of your pedicure feels like a mini massage, the stress relief just keeps adding up. While this little bit of pampering may be just the boost you need, combining your pedicure with other massage services will produce the best mental health benefits.

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