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25 May

What Style You Should Choose When You Get Your Next Mani-Pedi

What Style You Should Choose When You Get Your Next Mani-Pedi

Admin   |   PR Scene

Nail care is an important part of keeping yourself, your hands, and your feet as healthy as they can be. So it stands to reason that a mani-pedi is an essential part of your long-term hygiene routine, whether you simply want your nails trimmed and buffed, or you’re looking to spice up your normal look. For the adventurous fashionista, we have delved into the world of nails to find only the most beautiful and trendy looks going around!


Pastel nails for both hands and feet are a classic and fun choice for any time of year. You could go for a wispy purple periwinkle or baby sky blue, but a lovely shade of pink is one that you surely can’t go wrong with. You could even consider doing multicolors.

Golden Green

Green is one popular shade this year but it’s even better when paired with a shimmery metallic polish. Pairing green with gold Green and gold complement each other in an earthy way.

Bright Neon French Tips

French tips are classic and trendy no matter the season, but neon french tips? That’s a new trend perfect for this summer. It adds a pop of color to your mani-pedi that goes along with bright summer days well.

Color Blocked 

Color blocking is a trend that results in two or three different colors on your nails in geometric shapes. You can use some trendy colors listed here, or you can use other colors you may prefer. 

Silver + Blue

Silver and blue is a very pretty color combo that can come in a variety of styles. You could do them all solid colors with an accent nail, do an accent nail with a pattern, or apply pretty patterns to all your nails. 

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