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15 Jul

What To Expect When Getting a Summer Wax For Fun In The Sun

What To Expect When Getting a Summer Wax For Fun In The Sun

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With Summer here you might be thinking about taking up waxing. Whether you are going in for a full body wax or just a portion like your legs or arms, it is important to know what to expect before going in and how to care for your skin after it has been done. 


There are some things you should do and keep in mind while preparing for your first waxing appointment. For one, your hair needs to be long enough to wax. If it is not the correct length, it can be hard or even impossible to make the waxing process work as the wax needs to be able to grip the hair. About a quarter of an inch should do just fine.

Another important factor is to make sure the area being waxed is as clean as you can get it- this process can cause some skin irritation, and once again you want the wax to stick to the hair. Because of this irritation, if you are especially sensitive it is recommended that you wear looser clothing for your own comfort. You may also benefit from having a bottle of painkillers on the day of the appointment. You will also want to avoid excessive sun exposure - you can not be waxed if you have had a sunburn. 

Keep in mind as well that you may want to dress differently depending on the procedure you have chosen. If you are going in for an underarm wax, you may consider wearing a tank top to avoid needing to undress. Or if you have chosen a leg wax, perhaps you could wear a pair of shorts. 

What To Expect During Your Appointment 

This can go a couple of different ways depending on what waxing process you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a full Brazilian or bikini wax, then you need to make sure you are comfortable with your esthetician because it is a more intimate procedure than a leg wax. Depending on what treatment you have chosen you may have to remove more or less clothing to have it executed- and if it is necessary you will be left to undress to the levels necessary. And remember- if this is your first time getting waxed, speak up! They will know to be more gentle to make sure it is as painless as possible. The first time can be a bit of a shock, so be prepared. You will get more used to it as the appointment progresses. 

Before your session begins, you may want to discuss certain conditions with your esthetician. Certain conditions such as circulatory issues and diabetes can mean certain precautions need to be taken during the process - though it is still a safe procedure. Also mention skin conditions like eczema so that your esthetician can be sure to give you the proper care without causing you unnecessary problems. You should also be asked to answer some questions about certain medications, as they can interfere with the procedure as well. These will all be discussed prior to your appointment to ensure your comfort and safety.

Benefits to Waxing 

Some people do not realize that there are benefits to waxing outside of just achieving certain beauty standards. Did you know that waxing has an exfoliating effect? Because of the nature of waxing, it can leave your skin feeling smooth, and looking bright after the appointment, as it will remove the outer layer of dead skin. And with regular appointments, you will find that eventually, your hair will be thinner and less noticeable than before. This is great news for anyone who routinely gets their hair removed anyway. You also reduce the risk of ingrown hairs that you have with simple shaving. 


After getting waxed, there are certain things you should not do for a while in order to protect your skin. Remember, it is now in a vulnerable state so you want to care for it well. Do not go sunbathing for the next couple of days, as your skin is now more susceptible to burns. Going swimming immediately after as well is not recommended. The chemicals in the pool can be harsh on the skin, and natural bodies of water are unregulated and there may be bacteria you are now more susceptible to as well. If you want to exfoliate, make sure to be gentle and use a light exfoliant. Be sure to consult your esthetician for any further tips or recommendations for making sure your skin stays bright and healthy after your appointment. 

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