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15 Mar

What Your Eyebrows Say About You

What Your Eyebrows Say About You

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The lowly eyebrow, so often neglected and yet they can make such a big statement. Have you ever thought about what your eyebrows are saying about you? Let’s take a look at how a few different eyebrow shapes can affect your image. If you find that yours aren’t projecting the image you’d like we can help with our brow shaping services.


Rounded brows say that you are kind and considerate. You often put the needs of others first. You deal well with stress and are happy to have others share their problems with you.


Straight brows convey the message that you are logical and straightforward. You think things through carefully and tell it like it is. You’re not insensitive, but you don’t beat around the bush either.


Peaked eyebrows say to others that you are a natural-born leader. You’re quick thinking and witty. You have got it together and are not afraid to take charge.

High Arch

High arches tell the world that you are a perfectionist with an eye for detail and excellent taste in fashion and beauty. You are very self-critical and strive to always put your best foot forward.


Short brows tell others that you will not deal with their drama. You are a detail-oriented person and don’t have time for their pettiness. You don’t deal well with stress, so they can keep the drama to themselves.


Thin eyebrows show the world that you are a sensitive and delicate person that avoids conflict whenever possible. You are cautious and live life carefully to avoid being hurt. You are kind of quiet and a very good listener.

Thick and Full

Thick, full eyebrows scream free spirit. You see the natural beauty in everything and prefer it that way. You are not at all concerned with others’ opinions of you and live life to the fullest. You are a go-getter who does not like others holding you back.

If your eyebrows aren’t telling the story about you that you’d like them to, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our talented stylists. We have multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area. Visit our PR at Partners website to find a location near you. You can also book appointments online. To manage appointments from your mobile device, download our free mobile app from the AppStore or Google Play.