Alicia Esposito


alicia esposito

Designer Prices

Designer Hair Cut: $75
Barber cut: $50
Single Tone All-over Color: $100+
Single Tone Retouch: $80
Partial Highlights: $110
Full Highlights: $135+

For Luxury Color Products add $20
Conditioning Treatments $25+

Summary: Alicia is an experienced hairstylist who is particularly adept with low maintenance wash-and-wear styles.

Overview: Alicia will always ask you what’s not working in order to troubleshoot and find the best cut to fit your needs. Her ability to add volume to fine hair nearly defies the laws of nature, while her volume-enhancing cuts are easy to recreate at home. Plus, she is always ready with the color bowl to add some fun. Think Helen Hunt.

Highlights: Studied in London at Jingle Academy and Tony & Guy School; Trained in Oxford with PR at Partners design team

Favorite hair tip: Layer your products for best results.

Designer Work