Designer Prices

Designer Hair Cut: $45
Barber Hair Cut: $30
Partial Foil Highlight: $95
Full Foil Highlight: $115
Partial Balayage: $115
Full Balayage: $165
Blow Out: $30

Title: Always new, always you

Summary: Don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same old thing, slight changes make all the difference.

Overview: Do you ever look in a magazine, see a beautiful hair-inspiration and think to yourself “I wish I could pull that off.” Well you can, and Alicia will walk through your personalized hair journey to create the image you’ve always wanted to portray. Whether you want a big chop or colorful pops, come her way.

TIP: Try sugar spray instead of salt spray for added moisture with texture, stay sweet not salty.

Designer Work