Tysons Corner


Designer Prices

Designer Haircut: $65
Barber Haircut: $55
Single Tone Retouch: $75+
Single Tone All-over color: $85+
Foil Highlight: $115- $135+
Hand Painting Balayage: $165+

Title: Cutting Educator

Design Inspiration: Video Games

Summary: Watch your hair style evolve as Enzo takes you on a journey to your dream hair. Whether you having budding aspirations to take your short bob to long luscious locks or your beachy blonde to a striking red, let Enzo guide you down the path to looking good every step of the way.

Overview: Enzo pairs his technical skill with thoughtfulness and consideration. He aims to understand your lifestyle and tailors your hairstyle so it fit your day to day needs at any skill level. His styling lessons make looking amazing everyday easy. Enzo’s color work shows off your beautiful cut in the most natural way. However he is always up for wild disconnections and bold colors.

Highlights: His clipper work and short hair techniques are so unique we make him teach them.

Designer Work

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