Jennifer Slingwine



Designer Prices

Designer Haircut $60
Barber cut $45
Single Tone All-over Color $80
Single Tone Retouch $70
Foil Highlight $130
Multi Dimensional Foil $140
Partial Foil Highlight $100
Partial Multi-Dimensional Foil $110                                                                                 For Luxury Color Products – add $20                                                                                 For Couture Color Services please call the salon                                           Conditioning Treatments $30 & up

Title: Sunkist Colorist

Summary: Jennifer is an experienced hair cutter and colorist who can offer a sunny outlook on any hair problem.

Overview: Jennifer’s famous smile and upbeat attitude, combined with her advanced hairdressing techniques, have made her one of the most-sought after hairstylists in the area. From classic haircuts you can wear every day to more edgy precision cuts, she is able to create any hair shape to fit the client and his/her lifestyle. She also specializes in color applications, including all over colors and foil highlights for all hair colors and especially blondes.

Highlights: Details through PR Partners, Various color and cutting classes, TIGI Advanced Color/Cutting course in New York

Favorite Hair Tip: After you finish with your blowdry, take some shine spray and use the dryer while spraying the product on your hair. It leaves your hair looking healthy and really puts a lot of detail into your haircut.

Designer Work