Belmont Chase


Designer Prices

Single Tone Retouch $100+
Single Tone All-over color $110+
Foil Highlight $150- $170+
Toner +$35
*Does not do balayage
**Exact pricing by consultation with your stylist. Call to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation. All first time visits include a consultation. **

Title: Color Master

There should never be a dull moment when it comes to the color of your hair. With his talent and expertise, Leo will bring your color to life through vibrant shades of dimension and depth.His attention to detail can transform any lifeless color into a prismatic masterpiece. With care and devotion Leo makes sure every transformation helps promote strength and health in every strand. Whether you you wish to enhance your color or change completely, Leo will go beyond your expectations making you and your hair shine even brighter.

Favorite Hair Tip:  Quit with the daily shampooing, dry shampoo is your colors best friend!