Amber Carle

Amber Carle


Summary: Amber is a talented hairstylist who loves to create strong beautiful haircuts and colorsOverview: Amber has worked with many types of hair textures and is genuinely interested with the concerns of her client. Whether you are looking for long curly voluminous hair or a sleek precise bob, Amber will give you a blended, textured haircut to flatter your features. She is equally talented in hair color, whether it be natural dimensional highlights, balayage, or an unconventional pop of color.Highlights: Provides Agava smoothing treatments; Participated in PR @ Partners Photographic CompetitionFavorite Hair Tip: Curly haired girls: serum and leave-in conditioners are your tools to always maintain softs and moisturized curls.

  • Designer Hair Cut: $50
    Foil Highlight: $90+
    Single Tone Retouch: $60
    Single Tone All-over Color: $80
    Balayage: $140+
    Blow Out: $35
    Children’s cut: $35

    Conditioning Treatments: $25+
    For Luxury Color Products add $20
    For Couture Color Services please call the salon.

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