Brenda Kao

Brenda Kao

Mazza Gallerie

Title: Mane ConsciousSummary: Brenda is an amazing hairstylist and colorist who strives for flattering styles that are easy to maintain.Overview: Brenda is devoted to providing exceptional customer service and believes that a detailed consultation prior to any service is key to achieving the guest’s desired results. She enjoys creating all sorts of hairstyles and specializes in natural looks, including flattering haircuts and blended highlights to best suit each guest’s skin tone. Her guests praise her for creating timeless, smooth, flowing hair and admire her calm and gentle personality which immediately puts them at ease during their salon visits.Highlights: Toni and Guy Certified in advanced cut and color.Favorite Hair Tip: Cutting your mane every 8-10 weeks will keep your hair looking healthy even while growing it out.

  • Designer Haircut $75
    Single Tone Retouch $80
    Single Tone All-over Color $95
    Partial Foil Highlight $140
    Foil Highlight $160

    Balayage $180
    Conditioning Treatments $25 & up
    For Luxury Color Products – add $25

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