Stefanie Cooper

Stefanie Cooper

North Bethesda

Title: The Beauty ProfessorSummary: Stefanie is an excellent hair stylist and educator who makes her guests feel and look beautiful.Overview: Whether you are looking for a new haircut or hair color, or simply updating your current look, Stefanie will help you formulate the best course of action for achieving your desired hairstyle. She specializes in customizing subtle hair color that enhances one's natural color and skin tone; she loves to create soft flowing shapes that maintain well over time; and she has an uncanny ability to create fullness in even the thinnest hair. She will advise which products to use and how to apply them to ensure the same beautiful fresh look at home. Follow Stefanie's simple hair care guide and you will achieve a great hair day every day between your salon visits.Favorite Hair Tip: A water filter for your shower head will remove minerals and chlorine that builds up and causes dull, flat hair.

  • Designer Haircut Women: $70

    Designer Haircut Men: $55
    Single Tone Retouch: $85
    Single Tone All-over Color: $105
    Partial Foil Highlight: $130+
    Full Foil Highlight: $160+
    Balayage: $200+
    Blow Out: $55

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