Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf


Julia is a young creative stylist who will make you feel marvelous.Julia considers each of her hairstyles a unique piece of art and enjoys working with guests to help bring out their individual styles. She creates vibrant colors and highlights using the palette of your personality. She is best known for her varied cuts from short and sassy to long and luxurious. Highlights: Paul Mitchell, The School.Certified MoroccanOil ExpertFavorite Hair Tip: Prevent frizz by using a paper towel to wring water from your strands after showering. The paper won't create as much friction as a towel.

  • Designer Haircut: $75

    Barber Cut: $60

    Child Cut: $55

    Blowdry: $60

    Color Retouch: $90

    Color All Over: $105+

    Partial Foil: $135

    Full Foil: $150+

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